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2016-2017 Final Year Projects Embedded

2016 – 2017 Final Year Projects :: Embedded – Titles & Abstracts

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Titles 2016 – 2017 :: Embedded projects

millercenter org president lincoln essays biography comparative essay fairy tales psychological therapies for depression essay thesis-download-theme who invented essay correct way write thesis statement ETPL EMB – 001

A Circuit Model of Real Time Human Body Hydration

ETPL EMB – 002

Brain-Computer Interface And Arduino Microcontroller Family Software Interconnection Solution

ETPL EMB – 003

Development of A Brain-Computer Interface Based On Visual
Stimuli for The Movement Of Robot Joints

ETPL EMB – 004

Secure Management of Low Power Fitness Trackers

ETPL EMB – 005

Experimental Validation of High-Voltage-Ratio Low-Input-Current-Ripple Dc-Dc Converters For Fuel Cell Applications

ETPL EMB – 006

Toward Open-Source Portable Haptic Displays With Visual-Force-Tactile Feedback Colocation

ETPL EMB – 007

Smart Real-Time Health Care Monitoring And Tracking System Using Gsm/Gps Technologies

ETPL EMB – 008

Vision Based Bottle Classification And Automatic Bottle Filling System

ETPL EMB – 009

Flexible Technologies for Smart Campus

ETPL EMB – 010

Bsn-Care: A Secure Iot-Based Modern Healthcare System Using Body Care Network

ETPL EMB – 011

Developing An Open Access Monitoring Device For Off-Grid Renewables

ETPL EMB – 012

Design And Implementation Of Interoperable Iot Healthcare System Based On International Standards

ETPL EMB – 013

Impact of VLC On Light Emission Quality Of White Leds

ETPL EMB – 014

Stereo Audio Streaming Via Visible Light

ETPL EMB – 015

Uncoordinated Multiple Access Schemes For VLC Systems With Positioning Capability

ETPL EMB – 016

Coexistence of Wifi and Lifi Towards 5g: Concepts, Opportunities, And Challenges

ETPL EMB – 017

Improved Performance Low Cost Incremental Conductance PV Mppt Technique

ETPL EMB – 018

Inter-Building PLC-VLC Integration Based On PSK and CSK Techniques

ETPL EMB – 019

Turning The Internet Of (My) Things Into A Remote Controlled Laboratory

ETPL EMB – 020

Real-Time Electrically Controlled Active Matching Circuit Utilizing Genetic Algorithms For Wireless Power Transfer To Biomedical Implants

ETPL EMB – 021

Virtual Touch Screens “Virtos”: Implementing Virtual Touch Buttons and Virtual Sliders Using A Projector And A Camera

ETPL EMB – 022

Sepia: Secure-Pin-Authentication-As-A-Service for ATM Using Mobile and Wearable Devices

ETPL EMB – 023

Fall Detection and Prevention Control Using Walking-Aid Cane Robot

ETPL EMB – 024

An Efficient Detection Method for Unknown Wireless Devices Using SDR Receivers

ETPL EMB – 025

Optimized Assistive Human-Robot Interaction Using Reinforcement Learning

july, 2017

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