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2016-2017 Final Year Projects Signal Processing

2016 – 2017 Final Year Projects :: Signal Processing – Titles & Abstracts

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Titles 2016 – 2017 :: Signal Processing Projects

example of simple application letter essay on growing up without a father writing business school application essays good songs to write essays about essay chemistry one day our life dussehra-essay-in-punjabi sample-of-research-questions-in-thesis examination essays formal and informal essay topics ETPL SNP – 001

Lifetime and Energy Hole Evolution Analysis in Data-Gathering Wireless
Sensor Networks

ETPL SNP – 002

Dynamic Spectrum Allocation for the Downlink of OFDMA-Based
Hybrid-Access Cognitive Femtocell Networks

ETPL SNP – 003

Distributed Topology Control with Lifetime Extension Based on Non-Cooperative Game for Wireless Sensor Networks

ETPL SNP – 004

On the Capacity of the Intensity-Modulation Direct-Detection Optical
Broadcast Channel

ETPL SNP – 005

Modified MUSIC Algorithm for DOA Estimation with Nyström

ETPL SNP – 006

New Beam forming and Relay Selection for Two-Way Decode-and-Forward Relay Networks

ETPL SNP – 007

Phase-Rotation-Aided Relay Selection in Two-Way Decode-and-Forward
Relay Networks

ETPL SNP – 008

Energy-Efficient Optimal Power Allocation for Fading Cognitive Radio
Channels: Ergodic Capacity, Outage Capacity, and Minimum-Rate Capacity

ETPL SNP – 009

Throughput Analysis and Optimization of Wireless-Powered Multiple
Antenna Full-Duplex Relay Systems

ETPL SNP – 010

A Robust Coverage Scheme for UWSNs Using the Spline Function

ETPL SNP – 011

Outage Analysis of Co-Operative Two-Path Relay Channels

ETPL SNP – 012

Analytical Tractability of Hexagonal Network Model with Random User

ETPL SNP – 013

Cognitive Wireless Powered Network: Spectrum Sharing Models and
Throughput Maximization.

ETPL SNP – 014

Relay-Based Spectrum Sharing With Secondary Users Powered by
Wireless Energy Harvesting

ETPL SNP – 015

Adaptive Buffer-Aided Distributed Space-Time Coding for Cooperative
Wireless Networks

ETPL SNP – 016

On Outage Probability for Two-Way Relay Networks with Stochastic
Energy Harvesting

ETPL SNP – 017

Scheduling and Resource Allocation in Downlink Multiuser MIMO-OFDMA Systems

ETPL SNP – 018

User Association and Interference Management in Massive MIMO

ETPL SNP – 019

Throughput Performance Optimization of Super Dense Wireless
Networks With the Renewal Access Protocol

ETPL SNP – 020

An optimal power control algorithm for STDMA MAC protocols in
multihop wireless networks

ETPL SNP – 021

Maximizing the Sum Rate in Cellular Networks Using Multiconvex

ETPL SNP – 022

A Randomized Space-Time Spreading Scheme for Massive MIMO

ETPL SNP – 023

Antenna Selection for Reliable MIMO-OFDM Interference Alignment
Systems: Measurement-Based Evaluation

ETPL SNP – 024

Interference Alignment Improves the Capacity of OFDM Systems

ETPL SNP – 025

Impact of User Identities and Access Conditions on Downlink
Performance in Closed Small-Cell Networks

ETPL SNP – 026

Dual-Layered MIMO Transmission for Increased Bandwidth Efficiency

ETPL SNP – 027

Robust Equalizer for Multicell Massive MIMO Uplink with Channel
Model Uncertainty

ETPL SNP – 028

EM-Based Phase Noise Estimation in Vector OFDM Systems Using
Linear MMSE Receivers

ETPL SNP – 029

Stochastic Delay Analysis for Train Control Services in Next-Generation
High-Speed Railway Communications System

july, 2017

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