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IEEE 2012 Projects | Automation Science Engineering

IEEE Projects :: Automation Science and Engineering – Titles & Abstracts

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IEEE Titles 2011 :: Automation Science and Engineering


A Car-Seat Example of Automated Anthropomorphic Testing of Fabrics Using Force-Controlled Robot Motions


A Framework to Model the Topological Structure of Supply Networks


A Shapley Value-Based Approach to Discover Influential Nodes in Social Networks


A SNCCDBAGG-Based NN Ensemble Approach for Quality Prediction in Injection Molding Process


A Three Degree-of-Freedom Optical Orientation Measurement Method for Spherical Actuator Applications


A Totally Decoupled Piezo-Driven XYZ Flexure Parallel Micropositioning Stage for Micro/Nanomanipulation


Adaptive Measurement for Automated Field Reconstruction and Calibration of Magnetic Systems


An Enhanced Nested Partitions Algorithm Using Solution Value Prediction


An Integer Programming Approach for Analyzing the Measurement Redundancy in Structured Linear Systems


Approximating the Performance of a Batch Service Queue Using


Artificial Cognition in Production Systems


Automated Multi-Agent Search Using Centroidal Voronoi Configuration


Automating Knowledge Discovery Workflow Composition Through Ontology-Based Planning


Bouc–Wen Modeling and Inverse Multiplicative Structure to Compensate Hysteresis Nonlinearity in Piezoelectric


Decision Fusion from Heterogeneous Sensors in Surveillance Sensor Systems


Distributed Optimization for Model Predictive Control of Linear Dynamic Networks with Control-Input and Output Constraints


Excursion Yield Loss and Cycle Time Reduction in Semiconductor Manufacturing


KnitSketch: A Sketch Pad for Conceptual Design of 2D Garment Patterns


Manufacturing Intelligence to Exploit the Value of Production and Tool Data to Reduce Cycle Time


Module Selection and Supply Chain Optimization for Customized Product Families Using Redundancy and Standardization


Multiclass Flow Line Models of Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment for Fab-Level Simulation


Multiresource Shop Scheduling With Resource Flexibility and Blocking


Optimal Paint Gun Orientation in Spray Paint Applications—Experimental Results


Optimal Scheduling of Biochemical Analyses on Digital Microfluidic Systems


Optimal Scheduling of Multicluster Tools With Constant Robot Moving Times, Part II: Tree-Like Topology Configurations


Optimal Scheduling of Multicluster Tools With Constant Robot Moving Times, Part I: Two-Cluster Analysis


Petri Net-Based Scheduling of Single-Arm Cluster Tools with Reentrant Atomic Layer Deposition Processes


Productivity Improvement From Using Machine Buffers in Dual-Gripper Cluster Tools


Rapid Color Grading for Fruit Quality Evaluation Using Direct Color Mapping


Schedulability Analysis of Short-Term Scheduling for Crude Oil Operations in Refinery with Oil Residency


Selection Schemes of Dual Virtual-Metrology Outputs for Enhancing Prediction Accuracy


Spatial Variance Spectrum Analysis and Its Application to Unsupervised Detection of Systematic Wafer Spatial Variations


Statistical Weight Kinetics Modeling and Estimation for Silica Nanowire Growth Catalyzed by Pd Thin Film


The Base Stock/Base Backlog Control Policy for a Make-to-Stock System With Impatient Customers


WireWarping++: Robust and Flexible Surface Flattening With Length Control

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