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IEEE 2013 Final Year Projects | Data Mining

IEEE 2013  Final Year Projects :: Datamining – Titles & Abstracts

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IEEE Titles 2013 :: Datamining

suny application essay required film techniques english essay pride and prejudice essay questions spanish american essay essay cell phone advantages concession assertion thesis gcse statistics reaction times coursework ETPL DM-001 A Decentralized Privacy Preserving Reputation Protocol for the Malicious Adversarial Model
ETPL DM-002 A Fast Clustering-Based Feature Subset Selection Algorithm for High-Dimensional Data
ETPL DM-003 Mining User Queries with Markov Chains: Application to Online Image Retrieval
ETPL DM-004 Robust Perceptual Image Hashing Based on Ring Partition and NMF
ETPL DM-005 A System to Filter Unwanted Messages from OSN User Walls
ETPL DM-006 Infrequent Weighted Itemset Mining using Frequent Pattern Growth
ETPL DM-007 k-Pattern Set Mining under Constraints
ETPL DM-008 Anonymization of Centralized and Distributed Social Networks by Sequential
ETPL DM-009 A Graph-Based Consensus Maximization Approach for Combining Multiple Supervised and Unsupervised Models
ETPL DM-010 Automatic Semantic Content Extraction in Videos Using a Fuzzy Ontology and Rule-Based Model
ETPL DM-011 Clustering Sentence-Level Text Using a Novel Fuzzy Relational Clustering Algorithm
ETPL DM-012 Distributed Processing of Probabilistic Top-k Queries in Wireless Sensor Networks
ETPL DM-013 Evaluating Data Reliability: An Evidential Answer with Application to a Web-Enabled Data Warehouse
ETPL DM-014 Large Graph Analysis in the GMine System
ETPL DM-015 Maximum Likelihood Estimation from Uncertain Data in the Belief Function Framework
ETPL DM-016 Nonadaptive Mastermind Algorithms for String and Vector Databases, with Case Studies
ETPL DM-017 On the Recovery of R-Trees
ETPL DM-018 Ontology Matching: State of the Art and Future Challenges
ETPL DM-019 Ranking on Data Manifold with Sink Points
ETPL DM-020 Region-Based Foldings in Process Discovery
ETPL DM-021 Relationships between Diversity of Classification Ensembles and Single-Class Performance Measures
ETPL DM-022 T-Drive: Enhancing Driving Directions with Taxi Drivers’ Intelligence
ETPL DM-023 A Generalized Flow-Based Method for Analysis of Implicit Relationships on Wikipedia
ETPL DM-024 A Proxy-Based Approach to Continuous Location-Based Spatial Queries in Mobile Environments
ETPL DM-025 A Rough-Set-Based Incremental Approach for Updating Approximations under Dynamic Maintenance nvironments
ETPL DM-026 AML: Efficient Approximate Membership Localization within a Web-Based
ETPL DM-027 Clustering Large Probabilistic Graphs
ETPL DM-028 Detecting Intrinsic Loops Underlying Data Manifold
ETPL DM-029 Event Tracking for Real-Time Unaware Sensitivity Analysis (EventTracker)
ETPL DM-030 Fast Activity Detection: Indexing for Temporal Stochastic Automaton-Based
ETPL DM-031 Finding Rare Classes: Active Learning with Generative and Discriminative
ETPL DM-032 Halite: Fast and Scalable Multiresolution Local-Correlation Clustering
ETPL DM-033 Minimally Supervised Novel Relation Extraction Using a Latent Relational
ETPL DM-034 Reinforced Similarity Integration in Image-Rich Information Networks
ETPL DM-035 Supporting Search-As-You-Type Using SQL in Databases
ETPL DM-036 Simple Hybrid and Incremental Postpruning Techniques for Rule Induction
ETPL DM-037 λ -diverse nearest neighbors browsing for multidimensional data
ETPL DM-038 A Bound on Kappa-Error Diagrams for Analysis of Classifier Ensembles
ETPL DM-039 A New Algorithm for Inferring User Search Goals with Feedback Sessions
ETPL DM-040 Annotating Search Results from Web Databases
ETPL DM-041 Building a Scalable Database-Driven Reverse Dictionary
ETPL DM-042 Discovering Temporal Change Patterns in the Presence of Taxonomies
ETPL DM-043 Extending BCDM to Cope with Proposals and Evaluations of Updates
ETPL DM-044 Facilitating Effective User Navigation through Website Structure Improvement
ETPL DM-045 Information-Theoretic Outlier Detection for Large-Scale Categorical Data
ETPL DM-046 Modeling and Solving Distributed Configuration Problems: A CSP-Based Approach
ETPL DM-047 On Similarity Preserving Feature Selection
ETPL DM-048 Protecting Sensitive Labels in Social Network Data Anonymization
ETPL DM-049 Robust Module-Based Data Management
ETPL DM-050 Sampling Online Social Networks
ETPL DM-051 Supporting Flexible, Efficient, and User-Interpretable Retrieval of Similar Time Series
ETPL DM-052 The Minimum Consistent Subset Cover Problem: A Minimization View of Data Mining
ETPL DM-053 Transductive Multilabel Learning via Label Set Propagation
ETPL DM-054 A Method for Mining Infrequent Causal Associations and Its Application in Finding Adverse Drug Reaction Signal Pairs
ETPL DM-055 A Survey of Discretization Techniques: Taxonomy and Empirical Analysis in Supervised Learning
ETPL DM-056 Clustering Uncertain Data Based on Probability Distribution Similarity
ETPL DM-057 Efficient Evaluation of SUM Queries over Probabilistic Data
ETPL DM-058 Efficient Service Skyline Computation for Composite Service Selection
ETPL DM-059 Finding Probabilistic Prevalent Colocations in Spatially Uncertain Data Sets
ETPL DM-060 Fuzzy Web Data Tables Integration Guided by an Ontological and Terminological Resource
ETPL DM-061 PMSE: A Personalized Mobile Search Engine
ETPL DM-062 Range-Based Skyline Queries in Mobile Environments
ETPL DM-063 Skyline Processing on Distributed Vertical Decompositions
ETPL DM-064 Spatial Query Integrity with Voronoi Neighbors
ETPL DM-065 Synchronization-Inspired Partitioning and Hierarchical Clustering
ETPL DM-066 Transfer across Completely Different Feature Spaces via Spectral Embedding
ETPL DM-067 Tweet Analysis for Real-Time Event Detection and Earthquake Reporting System Development
ETPL DM-068 TW-$(k)$-Means: Automated Two-Level Variable Weighting Clustering Algorithm for Multiview Data
ETPL DM-069 U-Skyline: A New Skyline Query for Uncertain Database
ETPL DM-070 A Novel Profit Maximizing Metric for Measuring Classification Performance of Customer Churn Prediction Models
ETPL DM-071 A Predictive-Reactive Method for Improving the Robustness of Real-Time Data Services
ETPL DM-072 Achieving Data Privacy through Secrecy Views and Null-Based Virtual Updates
ETPL DM-073 Co-Occurrence-Based Diffusion for Expert Search on the Web
ETPL DM-074 Efficient All Top-$(k)$ Computation—A Unified Solution for All Top-$(k)$, Reverse Top-$(k)$ and Top-$(m)$ Influential Queries
ETPL DM-075 Efficient and Effective Duplicate Detection in Hierarchical Data
ETPL DM-076 Failure-Aware Cascaded Suppression in Wireless Sensor Networks
ETPL DM-077 Multiview Partitioning via Tensor Methods
ETPL DM-078 Novel Biobjective Clustering (BiGC) Based on Cooperative Game Theory
ETPL DM-079 On Generalizable Low False-Positive Learning Using Asymmetric Support Vector Machines
ETPL DM-080 Optimal Route Queries with Arbitrary Order Constraints
ETPL DM-081 Pay-As-You-Go Entity Resolution
ETPL DM-082 Single-Database Private Information Retrieval from Fully Homomorphic Encryption
ETPL DM-083 Toward SWSs Discovery: Mapping from WSDL to OWL-S Based on Ontology Search and Standardization Engine
ETPL DM-084 Trace Ratio Optimization-Based Semi-Supervised Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction for Marginal Manifold Visualization
ETPL DM-085 Update Summarization via Graph-Based Sentence Ranking
ETPL DM-086 Change Detection in Streaming Multivariate Data Using Likelihood Detectors
ETPL DM-087 Coping with Events in Temporal Relational Database
ETPL DM-088 Cutting Plane Training for Linear Support Vector Machines
ETPL DM-089 Successive Group Selection for Microaggregation
ETPL DM-090 A Survival Modeling Approach to Biomedical Search Result Diversification Using Wikipedia
ETPL DM-091 Centroid-Based Actionable 3D Subspace Clustering
ETPL DM-092 Constrained Text Coclustering with Supervised and Unsupervised Constraints
ETPL DM-093 Crowdsourced Trace Similarity with Smartphones
ETPL DM-094 Customized Policies for Handling Partial Information in Relational Databases
ETPL DM-095 Decision Trees for Mining Data Streams Based on the McDiarmid’s Bound
ETPL DM-096 Discovering Characterizations of the Behavior of Anomalous Subpopulations
ETPL DM-097 FoCUS: Learning to Crawl Web Forums
ETPL DM-098 Improving Word Similarity by Augmenting PMI with Estimates of Word Polysemy
ETPL DM-099 Incentive Compatible Privacy-Preserving Data Analysis
ETPL DM-100 Nonnegative Matrix Factorization: A Comprehensive Review
ETPL DM-101 On Identifying Critical Nuggets of Information during Classification Tasks
ETPL DM-102 Radio Database Compression for Accurate Energy-Efficient Localization in Fingerprinting Systems
ETPL DM-103 Semi-Supervised Nonlinear Hashing Using Bootstrap Sequential Projection Learning
ETPL DM-104 Spatial Approximate String Search
ETPL DM-105 SVStream: A Support Vector-Based Algorithm for Clustering Data Streams
ETPL DM-106 The Move-Split-Merge Metric for Time Series
ETPL DM-107 A User-Friendly Patent Search Paradigm
ETPL DM-108 A Methodology for Direct and Indirect Discrimination Prevention in Data Mining
ETPL DM-109 Anomaly Detection via Online Oversampling Principal Component Analysis
ETPL DM-110 CDAMA: Concealed Data Aggregation Scheme for Multiple Applications in Wireless Sensor Networks
ETPL DM-111 Classification and Adaptive Novel Class Detection of Feature-Evolving Data Streams
ETPL DM-112 Comparable Entity Mining from Comparative Questions
ETPL DM-113 Cross-Space Affinity Learning with Its Application to Movie Recommendation
ETPL DM-114 Distributed Strategies for Mining Outliers in Large Data Sets
ETPL DM-115 Enhancing Access Privacy of Range Retrievals over $({rm B}^+)$-Trees
ETPL DM-116 Inferring Statistically Significant Hidden Markov Models
ETPL DM-117 Lineage Encoding: An Efficient Wireless XML Streaming Supporting Twig Pattern Queries
ETPL DM-118 MKBoost: A Framework of Multiple Kernel Boosting
ETPL DM-119 Mining Order-Preserving Submatrices from Data with Repeated Measurements
ETPL DM-120 Modeling Noisy Annotated Data with Application to Social Annotation
ETPL DM-121 Multiparty Access Control for Online Social Networks: Model and Mechanisms
ETPL DM-122 On the Analytical Properties of High-Dimensional Randomization
ETPL DM-123 TACI: Taxonomy-Aware Catalog Integration
ETPL DM-124 The Skyline of a Probabilistic Relation
ETPL DM-125 Unsupervised Hybrid Feature Extraction Selection for High-Dimensional Non-Gaussian Data Clustering with Variational Inference
ETPL DM-110 A Context-Based Word Indexing Model for Document Summarization
ETPL DM-127 A Segmentation and Graph-Based Video Sequence Matching Method for Video Copy Detection
ETPL DM-128 Cross-Domain Sentiment Classification Using a Sentiment Sensitive Thesaurus
ETPL DM-129 Determining $(k)$-Most Demanding Products with Maximum Expected Number of Total Customers
ETPL DM-130 Dirichlet Process Mixture Model for Document Clustering with Feature Partition
ETPL DM-131 Discriminative Nonnegative Spectral Clustering with Out-of-Sample Extension
ETPL DM-132 Efficient Algorithms for Mining High Utility Itemsets from Transactional Databases
ETPL DM-133 Entity Translation Mining from Comparable Corpora: Combining Graph Mapping with Corpus Latent Features
ETPL DM-134 Harnessing Folksonomies to Produce a Social Classification of Resources
ETPL DM-135 Optimizing Multi-Top-k Queries over Uncertain Data Streams
ETPL DM-136 Prequery Discovery of Domain-Specific Query Forms: A Survey
ETPL DM-137 Preventing Private Information Inference Attacks on Social Networks
ETPL DM-138 Principal Composite Kernel Feature Analysis: Data-Dependent Kernel Approach
ETPL DM-139 Revealing Density-Based Clustering Structure from the Core-Connected Tree of a Network
ETPL DM-140 Secure Provenance Transmission for Streaming Data
ETPL DM-141 The Adaptive Clustering Method for the Long Tail Problem of Recommender Systems
ETPL DM-142 VChunkJoin: An Efficient Algorithm for Edit Similarity Joins

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