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IEEE 2013 Final Year Projects | Grid Computing

IEEE 2013  Final Year Projects :: Grid Computing – Titles & Abstracts


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IEEE Titles 2013 :: Grid Computing

urban regeneration thesis do we need good writing skills essay essay family history research finance papers structure original research paper what is your sat essay out of foreign policy essay questions dedication-for-dissertation-example dolphins research paper ETPL – GC 001

Smart Grid Last-Mile Communications Model and Its Application to the Study of Leased Broadband Wired-Access

ETPL – GC 002

Performance Analysis of Multiuser Selection Scheme in Dynamic Home Area Networks for Smart Grid Communications

ETPL – GC 003

Optimizations of Power Consumption and Supply in the Smart Grid: Analysis of the Impact of Data Communication Reliability

ETPL – GC 004

Smart Grid Communication: Its Challenges and Opportunities

ETPL – GC 005

Scalable Solutions of Markov Games for Smart-Grid Infrastructure Protection

ETPL – GC 006

A Communication-Based Appliance Scheduling Scheme for Consumer-Premise Energy Management Systems

ETPL – GC 007

Decentralized Controls and Communications for Autonomous Distribution Networks in Smart Grid

ETPL – GC 008

Priority-Based Traffic Scheduling and Utility Optimization for Cognitive Radio Communication Infrastructure-Based Smart Grid

ETPL – GC 009

Time Synchronization Attack in Smart Grid: Impact and Analysis

ETPL – GC 010

Toward SWSs Discovery: Mapping from WSDL to OWL-S Based on Ontology Search and Standardization Engine

ETPL – GC 011

Battery Status-aware Authentication Scheme for V2G Networks in Smart Grid

ETPL – GC 012

Dependable Demand Response Management in the Smart Grid: A Stackelberg Game Approach

ETPL – GC 013

Reliable Wireless Communication Networks for Demand Response Control A Generic Query Model for the Unified Discovery of Heterogeneous Services

ETPL – GC 014

UDP: Usage-Based Dynamic Pricing With Privacy Preservation for Smart Grid

ETPL – GC 015

Detecting Critical Nodes in Interdependent Power Networks for Vulnerability Assessment

ETPL – GC 016

Proactive and Reactive Runtime Service Discovery: A Framework and Its Evaluation

ETPL – GC 017

Bad Data Injection Attack and Defense in Electricity Market Using Game Theory Study

ETPL – GC 018

An Empirical Study of Communication Infrastructures Towards the Smart Grid: Design, Implementation, and Evaluation,

ETPL – GC 019

Trust System Design Optimization in Smart Grid Network Infrastructure

ETPL – GC 020

A Decentralized Security Framework for Data Aggregation and Access Control in Smart Grids

ETPL – GC 021

Reliability Analysis of Substation Automation System Functions Using PRMs

ETPL – GC 022

Efficient Service Skyline Computation for Composite Service Selection

ETPL – GC 023

Exploring Malicious Meter Inspection in Neighborhood Area Smart Grids

ETPL – GC 024

Modeling Cyber-Physical Vulnerability of the Smart Grid With Incomplete Information

ETPL – GC 025

Outage-Storage Tradeoff in Frequency Regulation for Smart Grid With Renewables

ETPL – GC 026

Multilayer Consensus ECC-Based Password Authenticated Key-Exchange (MCEPAK) Protocol for Smart Grid System

ETPL – GC 027

Relay-Aided Amplify-and-Forward Powerline Communications

ETPL – GC 028

A Noninvasive Threat Analyzer for Advanced Metering Infrastructure in Smart Grid

ETPL – GC 029

Taming Uncertainties in Real-Time Routing for Wireless Networked Sensing and Control

ETPL – GC 030

Sensing-Performance Tradeoff in Cognitive Radio Enabled Smart Grid

ETPL – GC 031

Optimizing Electric Vehicle Charging With Energy Storage in the Electricity Market

ETPL – GC 032

Stability Enhancement of Decentralized Inverter Control Through Wireless Communications in Microgrids

ETPL – GC 033

Privacy-Aware Profiling and Statistical Data Extraction for Smart Sustainable Energy Systems

ETPL – GC 034

Multi-Objective Optimal Energy Consumption Scheduling in Smart Grids

ETPL – GC 035

Advanced Power Distribution System Configuration for Smart Grid

ETPL – GC 036

Smart Operation of HVDC Systems for Large Penetration of Wind Energy Resources

ETPL – GC 037

Operation Schemes of Smart Distribution Networks With Distributed Energy Resources for Loss Reduction and Service Restoration

ETPL – GC 038

Design of Smart Distribution Management System for Obtaining Real-Time Security Analysis and Predictive Operation in Korea

ETPL – GC 039

Price Elasticity of Demand Modeling With Economic Effects on Electricity Markets Using an Agent-Based Model

ETPL – GC 040

Power Scheduling of Distributed Generators for Economic and Stable Operation of a Microgrid

ETPL – GC 041

State Estimation for Supervisory Monitoring of Substations

ETPL – GC 042

Study of the Effectiveness of a Korean Smart Transmission Grid Based on Synchro-Phasor Data of K-WAMS

ETPL – GC 043

Modified Dynamic Phasor Estimation Algorithm for the Transient Signals of Distributed Generators

ETPL – GC 044

DSM Considered Probabilistic Reliability Evaluation and an Information System for Power Systems Including Wind Turbine Generators

ETPL – GC 045

A Quantitative Analysis on Future World Marketability of HTS Power Industry

ETPL – GC 046

An Information-Theoretic Approach to PMU Placement in Electric Power Systems

ETPL – GC 047

Analysis of Frequency Dynamics in Power Grid: A Bayesian Structure Learning Approach

ETPL – GC 048

Harmonic state estimation through optimal monitoring systems

ETPL – GC 049

Fuzzy Control of Distributed PV Inverters/Energy Storage Systems/Electric Vehicles for Frequency Regulation in a Large Power System

ETPL – GC 050

Reinforcement Learning Based Real-Time Wide-Area Stabilizing Control Agents to Enhance Power System Stability

ETPL – GC 051

Intelligent Local Area Signals Based Damping of Power System Oscillations Using Virtual Generators and Approximate Dynamic Programming

ETPL – GC 052

Optimized Control of DFIG-Based Wind Generation Using Sensitivity Analysis and Particle Swarm Optimization

ETPL – GC 053

A Multi-Timescale Scheduling Approach for Stochastic Reliability in Smart Grids With Wind Generation and Opportunistic Demand

ETPL – GC 054

Hybrid Approach for Power System Operational Planning With Smart Grid and Small-Signal Stability Enhancement Considerations

ETPL – GC 055

Contingency-Based Nodal Market Operation Using Intelligent Economic Alarm Processor

ETPL – GC 056

Energy Load Forecasting Using Empirical Mode Decomposition and Support Vector Regression

ETPL – GC 057

A Noninvasive Threat Analyzer for Advanced Metering Infrastructure in Smart Grid

ETPL – GC 058

A Game Theory Strategy to Integrate Distributed Agent-Based Functions in Smart Grids

ETPL – GC 059

A SAX-Based Advanced Computational Tool for Assessment of Clustered Rooftop Solar PV Impacts on LV and MV Networks in Smart Grid

ETPL – GC 060

On Improving Distortion Power Quality Index in Distributed Power Grids

ETPL – GC 061

Smart Grid Communication: Its Challenges and Opportunities

ETPL – GC 062

Day-Ahead Resource Scheduling Including Demand Response for Electric Vehicles

ETPL – GC 063

Modified Particle Swarm Optimization Applied to Integrated Demand Response and DG Resources Scheduling

ETPL – GC 064

Comprehensive Real-Time Microgrid Power Management and Control With Distributed Agents

ETPL – GC 065

Biogeography Based Optimal State Feedback Controller for Frequency Regulation of a Smart Microgrid

ETPL – GC 066

Economic Analysis and Power Management of a Small Autonomous Hybrid Power System (SAHPS) Using Biogeography Based Optimization (BBO) Algorithm

ETPL – GC 067

Advanced Metering for Phase Identification, Transformer Identification, and Secondary Modeling

ETPL – GC 068

A Multiagent Modeling and Investigation of Smart Homes With Power Generation, Storage, and Trading Features

ETPL – GC 069

Smart Personal Sensor Network Control for Energy Saving in DC Grid Powered LED Lighting System

ETPL – GC 070

The Impact of Load Characterization on the Average Properties of Statistical Models for Powerline Channels

ETPL – GC 071

An Intelligent Home Energy Management System to Improve Demand Response

ETPL – GC 072

Adaptive Negotiation Agent for Facilitating Bi-Directional Energy Trading Between Smart Building and Utility Grid,

ETPL – GC 073

Optimal Planning and Routing in Medium Voltage PowerLine Communications Networks

ETPL – GC 074

A Scalable Three-Step Approach for Demand Side Management of Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles

ETPL – GC 075

Using ICT-Controlled Plug-in Electric Vehicles to Supply Grid Regulation in California at Different Renewable Integration Levels

ETPL – GC 076

Efficient Computation of Sensitivity Coefficients of Node Voltages and Line Currents in Unbalanced Radial Electrical Distribution Networks

ETPL – GC 077

Power Flow Optimization for Smart Microgrids by SDP Relaxation on Linear Networks

ETPL – GC 078

Simulative Comparison of Multiprotocol Label Switching and OpenFlow Network Technologies for Transmission Operations

ETPL – GC 079

Multi-Agent Based Hierarchical Hybrid Control for Smart Microgrid

ETPL – GC 080

Electric Vehicle Mobility in Transmission-Constrained Hourly Power Generation Scheduling

ETPL – GC 081

Optimal Control of End-User Energy Storage

ETPL – GC 082

Distribution Power Flow Management Utilizing an Online Constraint Programming Method

ETPL – GC 083

Fully Distributed Coordination of Multiple DFIGs in a Microgrid for Load Sharing

ETPL – GC 084

Residential Distribution System Harmonic Compensation Using PV Interfacing Inverter

ETPL – GC 085

Distributed Control of the Power Supply-Demand Balance

ETPL – GC 086

Cyber-Physical Security Testbeds: Architecture, Application, and Evaluation for Smart Grid

ETPL – GC 087

On the Exact Solution to a Smart Grid Cyber-Security Analysis Problem

ETPL – GC 088

Demand-Side Management via Distributed Energy Generation and Storage Optimization

ETPL – GC 089

Automatic Distributed Voltage Control Algorithm in Smart Grids Applications

ETPL – GC 090

IGDT Based Robust Decision Making Tool for DNOs in Load Procurement Under Severe Uncertainty

ETPL – GC 091

Energy Imbalance Management Using a Robust Pricing Scheme

ETPL – GC 092

Estimating the Impact of Electric Vehicle Smart Charging on Distribution Transformer Aging

ETPL – GC 093

Design Considerations of a Centralized Load Controller Using Thermostatically Controlled Appliances for Continuous Regulation Reserves

ETPL – GC 094

Applications and Trends of High Performance Computing for Electric Power Systems: Focusing on Smart Grid

ETPL – GC 095

Uncertainty-Aware Household Appliance Scheduling Considering Dynamic Electricity Pricing in Smart Home

ETPL – GC 096

Optimized Thermal and Electrical Scheduling of a Large Scale Virtual Power Plant in the Presence of Energy Storages

ETPL – GC 097

Optimal Design of Grid-Connected PEV Charging Systems With Integrated Distributed Resources

ETPL – GC 098

Achieving Optimality and Fairness in Autonomous Demand Response: Benchmarks and Billing Mechanisms

ETPL – GC 099

A Market Based Scheme to Integrate Distributed Wind Energy

ETPL – GC 100

A Microgrid Energy Management System Based on the Rolling Horizon Strategy

ETPL – GC 101

Tackling the Load Uncertainty Challenges for Energy Consumption Scheduling in Smart Grid

ETPL – GC 102

Energy and Performance Management of Green Data Centers: A Profit Maximization Approach

ETPL – GC 103

A Multi Charging Station for Electric Vehicles and Its Utilization for Load Management and the Grid Support

ETPL – GC 104

Multi-Objective Optimization for the Operation of an Electric Distribution System With a Large Number of Single Phase Solar Generators

ETPL – GC 105

A Versatile Clustering Method for Electricity Consumption Pattern Analysis in Households

ETPL – GC 106

Aggregation Model-Based Optimization for Electric Vehicle Charging Strategy

ETPL – GC 107

Detecting and Locating Faulty Nodes in Smart Grids Based on High Frequency Signal Injection

ETPL – GC 108

Wireless Network Design for Transmission Line Monitoring in Smart Grid

ETPL – GC 109

Reliability Modeling and Evaluation of Power Systems With Smart Monitoring

ETPL – GC 110

A Novel Hierarchical Section Protection Based on the Solid State Transformer for the Future Renewable Electric Energy Delivery and Management (FREEDM) System

ETPL – GC 111

An Initial Investigation for Locating Self-Clearing Faults in Distribution Systems

ETPL – GC 112

Optimal Integration of Phasor Measurement Units in Power Systems Considering Conventional Measurements

ETPL – GC 113

Identification of Critical Components for Voltage Stability Assessment Using Channel Components Transform

ETPL – GC 114

Application of Dynamic State and Parameter Estimation Techniques on Real-World Data

ETPL – GC 115

Primary Frequency Response From Electric Vehicles in the Great Britain Power System

ETPL – GC 116

Evaluation of Semiconductor Based Methods for Fault Isolation on High Voltage DC Grids

ETPL – GC 117

The Impact of Solid State Fault Current Limiter on Power Network With Wind-Turbine Power Generation

ETPL – GC 118

The Study of a Regional Decentralized Peer-to-Peer Negotiation-Based Wide-Area Backup Protection Multi-Agent System

ETPL – GC 119

Wide-Area Traveling Wave Fault Location System Based on IEC61850

ETPL – GC 120

Using a Distributed Agent-Based Communication Enabled Special Protection System to Enhance Smart Grid Security

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