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2017 2018 Final Year Projects Cloud

2017 – 2018 Final Year Projects :: Cloud Computing – Titles & Abstracts


Titles 2017 – 2018 :: Cloud Computing Projects

ETPL CLD – 001

PPHOPCM: Privacy-preserving High-order Possibilistic c-Means
Algorithm for Big Data Clustering with Cloud Computing

ETPL CLD – 002

Heterogeneous Data Storage Management with Deduplication in
Cloud Computing

ETPL CLD – 003

From cloud to fog computing: A review and a conceptual live VM
migration framework

ETPL CLD – 004

Towards Secure Data Distribution Systems in Mobile Cloud

ETPL CLD – 005

Predictive Control of Networked Multi agent Systems via Cloud

ETPL CLD – 006

Enhancing Mobile Networks With Software Defined Networking
and Cloud Computing

ETPL CLD – 007

Computation partitioning for mobile cloud computing in big data

ETPL CLD – 008

A Lightweight Secure Data Sharing Scheme for Mobile Cloud

ETPL CLD – 009

Efficient Privacy-Aware Authentication Scheme for Mobile Cloud
Computing Services

ETPL CLD – 010

Distributed Multi-dimensional Pricing for Efficient Application
Offloading in Mobile Cloud Computing

ETPL CLD – 011

A Truthful and Fair Multi-Attribute Combinatorial Reverse Auction
for Resource Procurement in Cloud Computing

ETPL CLD – 012

An Energy Efficient Ant Colony System for Virtual Machine
Placement in Cloud Computing

ETPL CLD – 013

Assessing Invariant Mining Techniques for Cloud-based Utility
Computing Systems

ETPL CLD – 014

Cost-Efficient Tasks and Data Co-Scheduling with AffordHadoop

ETPL CLD – 015

Dynamic Multi-Tenant Coordination for Sustainable Colocation
Data Centers

ETPL CLD – 016

Correlation Modeling and Resource Optimization for Cloud Service
with Fault Recovery

ETPL CLD – 017

A Robust Reputation Management Mechanism in Federated Cloud

ETPL CLD – 018

Achieving Privacy-friendly Storage and Secure Statistics for Smart
Meter Data on Outsourced Clouds

ETPL CLD – 019

Publicly Verifiable Boolean Query Over Outsourced Encrypted Data

ETPL CLD – 020

Securing Aggregate Queries for DNA Databases

ETPL CLD – 021

Online Inter-Data center Service Migrations

ETPL CLD – 022

Faster Map Reduce Computation on Clouds through Better
Performance Estimation

ETPL CLD – 023

Practical Privacy-Preserving Content-Based Retrieval in Cloud
Image Repositories

ETPL CLD – 024

Securing Cloud Data under Key Exposure

ETPL CLD – 025

AGATE: Adaptive Gray Area-based TEchnique to Cluster Virtual
Machines with Similar Behavior

ETPL CLD – 026

Resource provisioning for task-batch based workflows with
deadlines in public clouds

ETPL CLD – 027

Cost Optimization for Dynamic Replication and Migration of Data
in Cloud Data Centers

ETPL CLD – 028

Link-aware Virtual Machine Placement for Cloud Services based on
Service-Oriented Architecture

ETPL CLD – 029

Practical Privacy-Preserving MapReduce Based K-means Clustering
over Large-scale Dataset

ETPL CLD – 030

SNC: A Cloud Service Platform for Symbolic-Numeric Computation
using Just-In-Time Compilation

ETPL CLD – 031

Towards Pricing for Sensor-Cloud

ETPL CLD – 032

STAR: SLA-aware Autonomic Management of Cloud Resources

ETPL CLD – 033

SLA-aware and Energy-Efficient Dynamic Overbooking in SDN-based Cloud Data Centers

ETPL CLD – 034

Online QoS Prediction for Runtime Service Adaptation via Adaptive
Matrix Factorization

ETPL CLD – 035

Enabling Far-Edge Analytics: Performance Profiling of Frequent
Pattern Mining Algorithms

ETPL CLD – 036

QoS Recommendation in Cloud Services

ETPL CLD – 037

Optimal Load Distribution for the Detection of VM-based DDoS
Attacks in the Cloud

ETPL CLD – 038

Privacy-Preserving Multi-keyword Top-k Similarity Search Over
Encrypted Data

ETPL CLD – 039

Reliable Virtual Machine Placement and Routing in Clouds

ETPL CLD – 040

On the Performance of Distributed and Cloud-Based Demand
Response in Smart Grid

ETPL CLD – 041

VOD-ADAC: Anonymous Distributed Fine-Grained Access Control
Protocol with Verifiable Outsourced Decryption in Public Cloud

ETPL CLD – 042

Efficient Secure Outsourcing of Large-scale Sparse Linear Systems
of Equations

ETPL CLD – 043

Hermes: Latency Optimal Task Assignment for Resource-constrained Mobile Computing

ETPL CLD – 044

A Secure and Verifiable Access Control Scheme for Big Data
Storage in Clouds

ETPL CLD – 045

Live VM Migration under Time-Constrains in Share-Nothing IaaS-Clouds

ETPL CLD – 046

A Fuzzy Approach based on Heterogeneous Metrics for Scaling Out
Public Clouds

ETPL CLD – 047

QuantCloud: Big Data Infrastructure for Quantitative Finance on the

ETPL CLD – 048

Keyword Search for Building Service-Based Systems

ETPL CLD – 049

Enhancing Security of Software Defined Mobile Networks

ETPL CLD – 050

A Pre-Authentication Approach to Proxy Re-encryption in Big Data

ETPL CLD – 051

NPP: A New Privacy-Aware Public Auditing Scheme for Cloud
Data Sharing with Group Users

ETPL CLD – 052

QoS-aware Deployment of IoT Applications Through the Fog

ETPL CLD – 053

Trajectory Privacy Preservation based on a Fog Structure in Cloud
Location Services

ETPL CLD – 054

Service-Centric Networking for Distributed Heterogeneous Clouds

ETPL CLD – 055

Minimum-Cost Cloud Storage Service Across Multiple Cloud

ETPL CLD – 056

Revocable Identity-Based Access Control for Big Data with
Verifiable Outsourced Computing

ETPL CLD – 057

Achieving Efficient and Secure Data Acquisition for Cloud-supported Internet of Things in Smart Grid

ETPL CLD – 058

Sustainable and Efficient Data Collection from WSNs to Cloud

ETPL CLD – 059

Using imbalance characteristic for fault-tolerant workflow
scheduling in Cloud Systems

ETPL CLD – 060

Cloud-based Malware Detection Game for Mobile Devices with

ETPL CLD – 061

Greening Cloud-Enabled Big Data Storage Forensics: Syncany as a
Case Study

ETPL CLD – 062

Optimizing Resources Allocation for Virtualized Network Functions
in a Cloud Center using Genetic Algorithms

ETPL CLD – 063

FastGeo: Efficient Geometric Range Queries on Encrypted Spatial

ETPL CLD – 064

Semantically Enhanced Mapping Algorithm for Affinity Constrained
Service Function Chain Requests

ETPL CLD – 065

A Hybrid Bio-Inspired Algorithm for Scheduling and Resource
Management in Cloud Environment

ETPL CLD – 066

A Load Balancing and Multi-tenancy Oriented Data Center
Virtualization Framework

ETPL CLD – 067

Attribute-Based Storage Supporting Secure Deduplication of
Encrypted Data in Cloud

ETPL CLD – 068

Secure and Efficient Attribute-Based Access Control for
Multiauthority Cloud Storage

january, 2021

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