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2017 2018 Final Year Projects Image Processing

2017 – 2018 Final Year Projects :: Digital Image Processing – Titles & Abstracts


Titles 2017 – 2018 :: Digital Image Processing Projects

ETPL DSC – 001

A Multi-Classifier System for Automatic Mitosis Detection in
Breast Histopathology Images Using Deep Belief Networks

ETPL DSC – 002

Deep Representation based feature extraction and recovering for
Finger-vein verification

ETPL DSC – 003

Modified classification and regression tree for facial expression
recognition with using difference expression images

ETPL DSC – 004

Feature Sensitive Label Fusion with Random Walker for Atlas-Based Image Segmentation

ETPL DSC – 005

Ship Detection from Optical Satellite Images Based on Saliency
Segmentation and Structure-LBP Feature

ETPL DSC – 006

Disjunctive Normal Parametric Level Set With Application to
Image Segmentation

ETPL DSC – 007

Segmentation-Based Fine Registration of Very High Resolution
Multi-temporal Images

ETPL DSC – 008

Scene Text Detection and Segmentation Based on Cascaded
Convolution Neural Networks

ETPL DSC – 009

Weighted Level Set Evolution Based on Local Edge Features for
Medical Image Segmentation

ETPL DSC – 010

Spatiotemporal Strategies for Joint Segmentation and Motion
Tracking From Cardiac Image Sequences

ETPL DSC – 011

Hierarchical Image Segmentation Based on Iterative Contraction
and Merging

ETPL DSC – 012

Semantic Segmentation of Remote Sensing Imagery Using an
Object-Based Markov Random Field Model with Auxiliary Label

ETPL DSC – 013

Super-pixel-Based Difference Representation Learning for Change
Detection in Multispectral Remote Sensing Images

ETPL DSC – 014

Unsupervised Linking of Visual Features to Textual Descriptions in
Long Manipulation Activities

ETPL DSC – 015

A Region-Wised Medium Transmission Based Image De-hazing

ETPL DSC – 016

Adaptive Solitary Pulmonary Nodule Segmentation for Digital
Radiography Images Based on Random Walks and Sequential Filter

ETPL DSC – 017

Object-Based Multiple Foreground Segmentation in RGBD Video

ETPL DSC – 018

Depth Map Reconstruction for Underwater Kinect Camera Using
In-painting and Local Image Mode Filtering

ETPL DSC – 019

A Survey of Dictionary Learning Algorithms for Face Recognition

ETPL DSC – 020

Multi-focus Image Fusion Based on Extreme Learning Machine and
Human Visual System

ETPL DSC – 021

Wireless Power Transfer Strategies for Implantable Bioelectronics:
Methodological Review

ETPL DSC – 022

Robust Web Image Annotation via Exploring Multi-facet and
Structural Knowledge

ETPL DSC – 023

Face Hallucination using Linear Models of Coupled Sparse Support

ETPL DSC – 024

Scalable Multi-View Semi-Supervised Classification via Adaptive

ETPL DSC – 025

Quality Assessment of Perceptual Crosstalk on Two-view Auto-stereoscopic Displays

ETPL DSC – 026

Beyond a Gaussian Denoiser: Residual Learning of Deep CNN for
Image Denoising

ETPL DSC – 027

A Novel Fast Tensor-Based Preconditioner for Image Restoration

ETPL DSC – 028

Fast segmentation from blurred data in 3D fluorescence microscopy

ETPL DSC – 029

A Closed-form Solution to Single Underwater Camera Calibration
using Triple Wavelength Dispersion and its Application to Single
Camera 3D Reconstruction

ETPL DSC – 030

Sparse image reconstruction on the sphere: analysis and synthesis

ETPL DSC – 031

Piecewise linear approximation of vector-valued images and curves
via 2nd-order variational model

ETPL DSC – 032

Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Inverse Problems in

ETPL DSC – 033

Robust Face Recognition with Kernelized Locality-Sensitive Group
Sparsity Representation

ETPL DSC – 034

Large-scale Crowdsourced Study for Tone Mapped HDR Pictures

ETPL DSC – 035

Direct Pattern Control Halftoning of Neugebauer Primaries

ETPL DSC – 036

MuLoG, or How to apply Gaussian denoisers to multi-channel SAR
speckle reduction?

ETPL DSC – 037

Multimodal Similarity Gaussian Process Latent Variable Model

ETPL DSC – 038

Ocular Recognition for Blinking Eyes

ETPL DSC – 039

Unsupervised Sequential Outlier Detection with Deep Architectures

ETPL DSC – 040

Single and Multiple Illuminant Estimation Using Convolutional
Neural Networks

ETPL DSC – 041

Illumination Decomposition for Photograph with Multiple Light

ETPL DSC – 042

Piecewise-stationary motion modeling and iterative smoothing to
track heterogeneous particle motions in dense environments

ETPL DSC – 043

DeepFix: A Fully Convolutional Neural Network for predicting
Human Eye Fixations

ETPL DSC – 044

Coherent Semantic-visual Indexing for Large-scale Image Retrieval
in the Cloud

ETPL DSC – 045

300 FPS Salient Object Detection via Minimum Directional

ETPL DSC – 046

Fast Domain Decomposition for Global Image Smoothing

ETPL DSC – 047

Learning the Personalized Intransitive Preferences of Images

ETPL DSC – 048

SuperPatchMatch: an Algorithm for Robust Correspondences using
Superpixel Patches

ETPL DSC – 049

Weakly Supervised Part Proposal Segmentation from Multiple

ETPL DSC – 050

High-quality parallel-ray X-Ray CT back projection using
optimized interpolation

ETPL DSC – 051

An Efficient Fusion-Based Defogging

ETPL DSC – 052

Label Information Guided Graph Construction for Semi-Supervised

ETPL DSC – 053

Palmprint Recognition Based on Complete Direction

ETPL DSC – 054

Sparsity-based Color Image Super Resolution via Exploiting Cross
Channel Constraints

ETPL DSC – 055

Hierarchical Contour Closure based Holistic Salient Object

ETPL DSC – 056

Unsupervised Word Spotting in Historical Handwritten Document
Images using Document-oriented Local Features

ETPL DSC – 057

Correlation based Tracker Level Fusion for Robust Visual Tracking

ETPL DSC – 058

Analysis of Disparity Error for Autofocus

ETPL DSC – 059

TMAGIC: A Model-free 3D Tracker

march, 2021

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