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2017 2018 Final Year Projects Signal Processing

2017 – 2018 Final Year Projects :: Signal Processing – Titles & Abstracts


Titles 2017 – 2018 :: Signal Processing Projects

ETPL SP – 001

Improved facial expression recognition using graph signal processing

ETPL SP – 002

Sizing Energy Storage to Mitigate Wind Power Forecast Error Impacts
by Signal Processing Techniques

ETPL SP – 003

Detection of Paroxysms in Long-Term, Single-Channel EEG-Monitoring
of Patients with Typical Absence Seizures

ETPL SP – 004

Automatic Detection of Ship Targets Based on Wavelet Transform for
HF Surface Wavelet Radar

ETPL SP – 005

Epileptic Focus Localization Using Discrete Wavelet Transform Based
on Interictal Intracranial EEG

ETPL SP – 006

Adaptive processing of image using DWT and FFT OFDM in AWGN
and Rayleigh channel

ETPL SP – 007

Epileptic seizure classification using statistical features of EEG signal

ETPL SP – 008

Epileptic Focus Localization Using Discrete Wavelet Transform Based
on Interictal Intracranial EEG

ETPL SP – 009

Wireless Power Transfer Strategies for Implantable Bioelectronics:
Methodological Review

ETPL SP – 010

Performance analysis of image reconstruction based on Modified Radon
Transform with Wavelet Transform

ETPL SP – 011

Automated Diagnosis of Glaucoma Using Empirical Wavelet Transform
and Correntropy Features Extracted From Fundus Images

ETPL SP – 012

Survey of prototyping solutions utilizing Signal Processing

ETPL SP – 013

Continuous Wavelet Transform-Based Frequency Dispersion
Compensation Method for Electromagnetic Time-Reversal Imaging

ETPL SP – 014

Dual-Tree Complex Wavelet Transform-Based Control Algorithm for
Power Quality Improvement in a Distribution System

ETPL SP – 015

Signal Processing for Temporal Spectrum Sharing in a Multi-radar

ETPL SP – 016

Tensor Decomposition for Signal Processing and Machine Learning

ETPL SP – 017

Improving the efficiency of noise resistance processing of speech signal

ETPL SP – 018

Multichannel Signal Processing With Deep Neural Networks for
Automatic Speech Recognition

ETPL SP – 019

An Energy Efficient ECG Signal Processor Detecting Cardiovascular
Diseases on Smartphone

ETPL SP – 020

An Algorithm for Real-Time Pulse Waveform Segmentation and Artifact
Detection in Photo plethysmograms

ETPL SP – 021

Improved Computational Efficiency of Locally Low Rank MRI
Reconstruction Using Iterative Random Patch Adjustments

ETPL SP – 022

Automatic Quality Assessment of Echocardiograms Using Convolutional
Neural Networks: Feasibility on the Apical Four-Chamber View

ETPL SP – 023

Comparative Validation of Polyp Detection Methods in Video
Colonoscopy: Results From the MICCAI 2015 Endoscopic Vision

ETPL SP – 024

Automatic Measurement of Spine Curvature on 3-D Ultrasound Volume
Projection Image With Phase Features

ETPL SP – 025

Joint Segmentation of Retinal Layers and Focal Lesions in 3-D OCT
Data of Topologically Disrupted Retinas

ETPL SP – 026

Optoacoustic Dermoscopy of the Human Skin: Tuning Excitation Energy
for Optimal Detection Bandwidth With Fast and Deep Imaging in vivo

ETPL SP – 027

Multi-Modality Imaging Enables Detailed Hemodynamic Simulations in
Dissecting Aneurysms in Mice

ETPL SP – 028

Segmentation of Locally Varying Numbers of Outer Retinal Layers by a
Model Selection Approach

ETPL SP – 029

Monte Carlo Simulations of Diffusion Weighted MRI in Myocardium:
Validation and Sensitivity Analysis

ETPL SP – 030

An Efficient Reconstruction Algorithm Based on the Alternating
Direction Method of Multipliers for Joint Estimation of R∗2 and Off-Resonance in fMRI

ETPL SP – 031

Weight Multispectral Reconstruction Strategy for Enhanced
Reconstruction Accuracy and Stability With Cerenkov Luminescence

ETPL SP – 032

Estimation of Strain Elastography from Ultrasound Radio-Frequency
Data by Utilizing Analytic Gradient of the Similarity Metric

ETPL SP – 033

Automated Anatomy-Based Tracking of Systemic Arteries in Arbitrary
Field-of-View CTA Scans

ETPL SP – 034

Ultrafast Synthetic Transmit Aperture Imaging Using Hadamard-Encoded Virtual Sources With Overlapping Sub-Apertures

ETPL SP – 035

Passive BCI in Operational Environments: Insights, Recent Advances,
and Future Trends

ETPL SP – 036

Real-Time Model-Based Fault Detection of Continuous Glucose Sensor

ETPL SP – 037

Fast Numerical Simulation of Focused Ultrasound Treatments During
Respiratory Motion With Discontinuous Motion Boundaries

ETPL SP – 038

Computerized Lung Sound Screening for Pediatric Auscultation in Noisy
Field Environments

ETPL SP – 039

eCurves: A Temporal Shape Encoding

ETPL SP – 040

An Integrated Circuit for Simultaneous Extracellular Electrophysiology
Recording and Optogenetic Neural Manipulation

ETPL SP – 041


march, 2021

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