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2017 2018 Final Year Projects Wireless Communication

2017 – 2018 Final Year Projects :: Wireless Communication – Titles & Abstracts


Titles 2017 – 2018 :: Wireless Communication Projects

ETPL WC – 001

Two-Stage Multiple Access for Many Devices of Unique Identifications
Over Frequency-Selective Fading Channels

ETPL WC – 002

Soft Combination for Cooperative Spectrum Sensing in Fading Channel

ETPL WC – 003

Performance Analysis of Beam forming in MU-MIMO Systems for
Rayleigh Fading Channels

ETPL WC – 004

Mixed mm Wave RF/FSO Relaying Systems Over Generalized Fading
Channels With Pointing Errors

ETPL WC – 005

Performance Analysis of Multihop Parallel Free-Space Optical Systems
Over Exponentiated Weibull Fading Channels

ETPL WC – 006

Full-Duplex Regenerative Relaying and Energy-Efficiency Optimization
Over Generalized Asymmetric Fading Channels

ETPL WC – 007

On the Efficient Simulation of the Distribution of the Sum of Gamma–
Gamma Variates With Application to the Outage Probability Evaluation
Over Fading Channels

ETPL WC – 008

Robust Stability Analysis and Synthesis for Uncertain Discrete-Time
Networked Control Systems Over Fading Channels

ETPL WC – 009

Dual-Polarized Spatial Modulation Over Correlated Fading Channels

ETPL WC – 010

Performance of SIM-MDPSK FSO Systems with Hardware

ETPL WC – 011

State-Dependent Bandwidth Sharing Policies for Wireless Multirate
Loss Networks

ETPL WC – 012

Joint Transceiver Design for Full-Duplex Cloud Radio Access Networks
with SWIPT

ETPL WC – 013

Symbol-Level Multiuser MISO Precoding for Multi-level Adaptive

ETPL WC – 014

Enhancing Multiuser MIMO Through Opportunistic D2D Cooperation

ETPL WC – 015

A Novel Mirror-Aided Non-imaging Receiver for Indoor 2×2 MIMO
Visible Light Communication S ystems

ETPL WC – 016

Ergodic Fading MIMO Dirty Paper and Broadcast Channels: Capacity
Bounds and Lattice Strategies

ETPL WC – 017

An Experimental Evaluation of Switched Combining Based Macro-Diversity for Wearable Communications Operating in an Outdoor

ETPL WC – 018

Cross-Layer Performance of Downlink Dynamic Cell Selection with
Random Packet Scheduling and Partial CQI Feedback in Wireless
Networks with Cell Sleeping

ETPL WC – 019

Millimeter-Wave Channel Estimation Based on Two-Dimensional
Beamspace MUSIC Method

ETPL WC – 020

Angle and Delay Estimation for 3D Massive MIMO/FD-MIMO Systems
Based on Parametric Channel Modeling

ETPL WC – 021

Joint Fronthaul Multicast Beamforming and User-Centric Clustering in
Downlink C-RANs

ETPL WC – 022

Fundamental Storage-Latency Tradeoff in Cache-Aided MIMO
Interference Networks

ETPL WC – 023

Energy-Efficient Management of Cognitive Radio Terminals With
Quality-Based Activation

ETPL WC – 024

A Distributed Learning Automata Scheme for Spectrum Management in
Self-Organized Cognitive Radio Network

ETPL WC – 025

A Distributed Learning Automata Scheme for Spectrum Management in
Self-Organized Cognitive Radio Network

ETPL WC – 026

Design and development of KNACKSAT: First fully in-house developed
satellite in Thailand

ETPL WC – 027

Performance Analysis for Two-Way Network-Coded Dual-Relay
Networks with Stochastic Energy Harvesting

ETPL WC – 028

Utility Maximization for Two-Way AF Relaying Under Rate Outage

ETPL WC – 029

Staleness Bounds and Efficient Protocols for Dissemination of Global
Channel State Information

ETPL WC – 030

Traffic Management for Heterogeneous Networks with Opportunistic
Unlicensed Spectrum Sharing

ETPL WC – 031

Multi-Resolution Codebook and Adaptive Beamforming Sequence
Design for Millimeter Wave Beam Alignment

ETPL WC – 032

Time-Domain Turbo Equalization for Single-Carrier Generalized Spatial

ETPL WC – 033

On the Degrees of Freedom of the Symmetric Multi-Relay MIMO Y

ETPL WC – 034

Spatio-temporal Interference Correlation and Joint Coverage in Cellular

ETPL WC – 035

Exploiting Direct Links in Multiuser Multirelay SWIPT Cooperative
Networks with Opportunistic Scheduling

ETPL WC – 036

Phase Retrieval Motivated Nonlinear MIMO Communication with
Magnitude Measurements

ETPL WC – 037

Fault Tolerant Key Generation and Secure Spread Spectrum

ETPL WC – 038

On Physical Layer Security: Weighted Fractional Fourier Transform
based User Cooperation

ETPL WC – 039

Robust Beamforming Design in C-RAN with Sigmoidal Utility and
Capacity-Limited Backhaul

ETPL WC – 040

Analytical Characterization of Device-to-Device and Cellular Networks

ETPL WC – 041

Simultaneous Sensing and Transmission for Cognitive Radios with
Imperfect Signal Cancellation

ETPL WC – 042

Multilevel Coding Scheme for Integer-Forcing MIMO Receiver with
Binary Codes

ETPL WC – 044

Joint Antenna-and-Relay Selection in MIMO Decode-and-Forward
Relaying Networks Over Nakagami-m Fading Channels

ETPL WC – 044

Capacity of Nakagami- m Fading Channel With BPSK/QPSK

ETPL WC – 045

On Adaptive Power Control for Energy Harvesting Communication
Over Markov Fading Channels

ETPL WC – 046

Performance Analysis of Cooperative Spectrum Sharing With Multiuser
Two-Way Relaying Over Fading Channels

ETPL WC – 047

Performance Analysis of Nonorthogonal Multiple Access for Relaying
Networks Over Nakagami-m Fading Channels

ETPL WC – 048

Resource Allocation for D2D Communications Underlay in Rayleigh
Fading Channels

ETPL WC – 049

Optimal Power Allocation for Average Detection Probability Criterion
Over Flat Fading Channels

ETPL WC – 050

Energy-Efficient Relay Selection of Cooperative HARQ Based on the
Number of Transmissions Over Rayleigh Fading Channels

ETPL WC – 051

Soft-Decision-Aided, Smoothness-Constrained Channel Estimation over
Time-Varying Fading Channels With No Channel Model Information

ETPL WC – 052

Packet Error Rate Analysis of Uncoded Schemes in Block-Fading
Channels Using Extreme Value Theory

ETPL WC – 053

Energy-Efficient Power Control Algorithms in Massive MIMO
Cognitive Radio Networks

ETPL WC – 054

Semi-Cognitive Radio Networks: A Novel Dynamic Spectrum Sharing

ETPL WC – 055

Secure Cooperative Half-Duplex Cognitive Radio Networks With K -th
Best Relay Selection

ETPL WC – 056

QoS Driven Channel Selection Algorithm for Cognitive Radio Network:
Multi-User Multi-Armed Bandit Approach

ETPL WC – 057

Proactive Spectrum Sharing for SWIPT in MIMO Cognitive Radio
Systems Using Antenna Switching Technique

ETPL WC – 058

Transmit Pre coding for Interference Exploitation in the Underlay
Cognitive Radio Z-channel

ETPL WC – 059

An Efficient Pre coder Design for Multiuser MIMO Cognitive Radio
Networks With Interference Constraints

ETPL WC – 060

A Novel Spectrum Sensing for Cognitive Radio Networks With Noise

april, 2021

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