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National Conference on Frontier Research in Power and Energy Conversion 2012(FR-PEC12)

FR-PEC12 –  National Conference on Frontier Research in Power and Energy Conversion 2012 – Oct 18 – Dept. of EEE – Muthayammal Engineering College – Rasipuram

National Conference on Frontier Research in Power and Energy Conversion 2012 (FR-PEC12) aims to bring together Academic Scientists, Leading Engineers,Industry Researchers, Technologists and Scholars to exchange their experiences and research results about all aspects of Power Systems , Power Electronics & Drives ,Electrical Machines etc.. and discuss the practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted, besides providing a common platform to demonstrate their research capabilities. This conference is also expected to motivate the participants to deliberate on frontier areas of Engineering and Technology and to create a forum for Scientists, Engineers and Practitioners throughout the international and national to present the latest advancement in of Power Systems , Power Electronics & Drives ,Electrical Machines etc… Furthermore, they can utilize this opportunity to benchmark their focus areas in research and to provide targeted technologies, to address the problems affecting the society. This event will also enable the young Researchers, Scientists, Engineers and Technologists to network amongst like-minded individuals and to improve the visibility of their research endeavors, apart from honing their soft skills.


1. All papers should be in Microsoft Word Version, Font Arial,
font size 10, page size 18 cm x 24 cm (margin – 2 cm top & bottom and 1 cm
on left & right).
2. Size of the paper – between 2500 to 3500 words.
3. Header & Footer Font size 8.

1. The main title of your paper must not exceed 50 characters. This includes
letters, spaces and punctuation.
2. The title should be capitalized and centered at the top of the first page of
your paper.
3. If you choose to have a subtitle, it should be capitalized and centered
directly below the main title.

1. Headings and subheadings must be capitalized and left justified.
2. Use double space after the headings, before starting the next paragraph.
3. Font size of the main heading should be 16 and sub heading of 12.

1. Illustrations such as photographs, charts, graphs, drawings, and diagrams
should be labeled, so that they correspond with their mention in the text (e.g.
Table-1, Figure-2, Diagram-3).
2. Use only black & white glossy prints and do not attach photos to your
3. Indicate on the back of each photograph your name and where the photo should
be inserted in the text.
4. Soft copy of commercial charting and graphing materials in back & white
are acceptable.
5. Computer generated charts, sharp, diagrams, and maps are acceptable as long
as they are printed on a printer that produces clear, sharp image (e.g. laser
6. If you are drawing your charts, graphs, maps drawing, or diagrams by hand,
please use only black ink.

1. All papers must be accompanied by one passport size color photograph
together with a full CV & a brief CV (not exceeding 50 words).

1. Your paper should mark ‘FR-PEC12” on top left hand side in token that author
has assigned all publication rights to the National Conference on Social
Responsibility of Organizing Committee.

1. All speakers are allowed 10 minutes for presentation of their paper. The
time for answering questions is additional.
2. Power point projector system with laptop would be available for
presentation. Any additional aid required, may please be intimated in advance.

1. Full text of your paper in Microsoft Word Version
2. Two CVs – one full length and one within 50 words.
3. One passport size color photograph.

Important Date:

Submission of Papers : 01st Oct 2012

Paper Acceptance Notification : 03rd Oct 2012

Submission of Camera Ready paper: 05rd Oct 2012

Conference Dates : 18 &19October 2012

Academic Staff/ Faculty from Institution : Rs. 2000/-

Industry Personel : Rs. 3000/-

Students/ Research Scholars : 1000/-

Mode of Payment : DD in favor of “The FR-PEC12 Chair, MEC, Rasipuram”

Submit the paper to

The Chairman – FR-PEC12,


Professor and Head,

Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Muthayammal Engineering College,

Rasipuram-637 408, Namakkal Dt, Tamil Nadu, India.

Cell : 9865494551

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