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Our Master Team

Our Master Team

Tamizhamuthan V.A
I have gained a good knowledge about php and some different application of which I have lacked to work with.
Thanga Pandian M

Happy to share this feedback about my company because of i have great future. I won’t see such an office like this. I get more knowledge about technical and learn about new software tool from here. I feel my office is look like a heaven. I think this job totally change my life style.

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Elysium technologies is place where I have experienced joy in work, punctuality, happy work environment, Team work, Good communication etc. Simply, Success in business requires training and discipline and hard work. I got these three from Elysium.
Ganesh Kumar P
Time maintenace is Good Any Request process is too much time
I LIKE TO BE PROUD AS AN ACCOUNTANT as a part in ELYSIUM GROUP Good Environment to work.I m Enjoying this work.
Its a great pleasure to be part of elysium family. I learned Various Potential skills which is improvising me alot. I learned lot about the team activities and technical skills.

I am very happy to work in this company. In initial stage  i really fedup about my work.I thought i cannot develope any software codings. But in head office .net team  gave some guidness to do project. sincerly I thanks to team in headoffice and my colleague's.They very much help me and encourage me to do development of codings. I convey my heartful thanks to Mr.Magesh for give confident and encourage me to do work with successful. Now i successfully finished my projects.All the days i feel achieved something and can get work satisfaction. I cannot get this kind of satisfaction in my past teaching experience. Again i want to thanks to Mr.Magesh to give this opportunity and thanks to elysium to employee me as a programmer.

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The elysium techology private limited company got the real IT environment to work with. we have got lot and lot of encouragement after a successful project delivery which helps us to develope our techniques widely. our company conduct project reviews and monthly feedbacks so that they provide an open option to share our thoughts with them.
Kansul Mahariba S

My Self  S.Kansul Mahariba. I feel very happy in working with Elysium Research Company. I improved my self-confidence and I am ready to face any problem in my life. I thankful to Elysium company. I am sincerely working in future to Elysium Company.


I am Meena from technical writing team. I am very happy to be a part of our Elysium company. Here, I can learn and share my knowledge in the recent Ph.D research topics. Also, everyone are friendly and kind to teaching and guide us. So I feel comfortable and happy to working here..

Sri Vigna Hema V
I begin my career from “The Elysium Group of Companies”...I am delighted to be a part of this esteem concern...I learned a lot of innovative concepts and knowledgeable ideas for my future research...Thanks for providing this good opportunity…I’ll try my level best for our company’s growth…

elysium is a place of learning.. here i improved my communication skills and aware about how to communicate with the clients.  mainly i explore to some new technologies like hadoop, spring framework and jade framework.. and got worked deeply in java desktop applications using jframe concepts and finally aquired time management capability

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Meenakumari P

Myself Meenakumari P, I would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity

Elysium - the word, no i say it as my world. Where i am being taken care, protected, educated, professionally developed, enjoyed. My family has strong relation with everybody, where we don’t feel alone (Elysium members) we are not alone. We are all in one. Good Luck......

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Saravavan L

welcome to Elysium technologies pvt ltd .I has been working 6 month in our company. i have learned how to develop the programmer and how to explined the team helping code development.some time many student delivery project. I have more stress , my team is encourage.I improved my technical skill.Team coordination is very good.and we arrange pandian hotel party and film ,its very nice. i will do best of my work. thank u for Elysium technologies.

Saravavan K
I feel happy to be a part of this company. It is a place to learn lot of things.
I feel too happy with work here. I had completed 7 month now here, till now no more problems came. I'm having future plans of my carrier here. Lets hope for the best.
Elysium technologies Pvt Ltd is going on high level in students project.All over taking good name.In every employee has hard workers.Leadership is very best of our CEO.I wish to going through high level for company based products like advanced technologies.Become big research oriented community. снять дом посуточноtop 10 binary tradersкак готовить в сковороде вокSignal reviewsAlpin A5software product lifecycleипотека в дельта кредите отзывыкредит 1 млнденьги в долг в тольяттиденьги в долг 1000000шины
Feeling free to work with Elysium Technologies and wondered about its growth. The employees working over Elysium where strong in their field.
First of all, I thank elysium technologies for providing this golden opportunity. Nothing makes better, but Elysium makes me Excellent.From this i learned how should move with the society and people. This makes me to know many information in various platforms.животные кениичехол TriumphLight OptionsLX821Binary options companyооо ручка отзывыкредит по карте кукурузадебет 68 кредит 91помощь брокера в получении кредитабанк хоум кредит пермьхарьков новости метро советская
Divya T.S

Provides opportunity to learn more about myself in both technically and mentally. Helps me to know what i can do in neck-of-the-moment. Helps to improve myself technically. provides self-satisfaction as it paves way to learn and implement whatever i wish technically. About Elysium (Phd i-zone) Helps me to know in what am lacking. provides opportunity to learn and implement what i didnt do in ETPL (domain-wise) Working environment is good.

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My self P.Suganya(Personal Assistant).I feel very happy in working with Elysium Research.I improved my self a lot and i have more selfconfidence and i am ready to face anything.These all credits only for elysium.Yet i would like to improve myselt lot ant lot.And I will give my full hadrwork for my company.Thank you.


I feel comfortable with my work. Office Environment is very nice & good, It gives pleasant feel to work. And also learned innovative ideas for my technical support, it gives very enthusiasam to implement an new ideas in my work. I'm easily grasp the business trick. i.e.) Customer handling, customer satisfication. I welcome the celebrations, excellence award functions forever.

I am ecstatic to be a part of in Elysium Technologies.It is cheerful to work here.
Lakumi Narayanan

I feel happy to work in our company. I learn many things from this company. Our environment is friently nature. each members are focuesded individually. they provide lot of gloden opperchunities to train myself technically. i learn lot of things technical and real life.

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I feel happy to work in our company. I learn lot of things from Elysium and improved myself. Working environment is also good.
A good place to learn!! and expose your talent!!

I really happy to say this because now I am employ (family member) of Elysium technologies. Consider myself before joining of Elysium I am not perfect in any activity but now I am perfect man in everything so I am happy and my parent also happy. I feel good because I have wonderful environment in my Elysium. I really give my big thank to Elysium management for giving this tremendous opportunity. My team and our APM give me the unfound able ideas for myself. I like all of colleagues because everyone having much more talent.

I feel so good to work. Comfortable zone to expose our thoughts.

A professional attitude with other co-workers which reflects high productivity in his work. The way of handling critical situations with ease has earned him a lot of respect from his team members. A divergent thinker and has the ability to come up with creative and innovative solutions.


First of all i new to our company,the environment of company is good. Is my team colleagues are very well to behave with me and our company infrastructure is good. Our company focus on customer satisfaction its helps to learn more things to employee and the excellence awards are very well to motivate employee.

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I'm Dhivya. Our company is a good concern to learn and work. I like our senior staff's working manner. I like our company in various things like work contributions, client satisfactions, dedications, disciplines, celebrations, recognitions. I have no any negative impacts about our company.
I am ahalya, I like very much this company because I learned more about java,client handling,etc.,in short period. I attended many students,They are all had very different and very iam very happy to educate them. Then,I enjoyed Company celebrations & I learned many information in weekly seminar. All staffs have very friendly and they are all motivating me.24winner Broker Reviewтумба под телевизор б у купитьbinary trading strategyчистящие средства купитьZe Binary Signalsпластиковые плинтуса монтажбесплатный номер банк хоум кредиткредит на 500000 рублейпетрокоммерц кредитоформить кредитку кукурузаМоноблок Apple iMac 21
Elysium is the Place where my talent exposed and recognized.Elysium is the place of Learning and developing our personality. I Enjoyed my work as a programmer and as well as team leader.
I feel happy to work in our company. I learn many things from this company. I learn lot of technical  and real life. It is used colloquially to refer to those benefits of a more discretionary nature daily. I learn technically new ideas in our company.
I Feel Comfortable to work in Elysium Family.i have learned many things from elysium. I feel very happy to be a part of elysium family.
Manoselvi T
First of all i am very proud as a part in our company.Recent activities are so refreshing and provides relaxation.Meetings seminars are so informative.I'd like it to continue throughout
I feel very happy to be a member in elysium family. I have learned more things in elysium. It gives me more opportunity to improve my both technical and soft skills.
Hi to all.., am very pleased to say that am being a part of this group. Value has a value only when it has valued like that I could realize my value after get into this concern. Yet your value has been valued??? Let join here and feel the difference. ………s.sivaramasubramanian
Hai guys I am dhandapani I am really proud to work with our company, our company infrastructure is super. Staff member Relationship is nice, every staff member to motivate the joiners. I have to learn many things in our company.
Hi to all.., of course I can say that this is just a perfect place to kick start your profession in the field of Information Technology. The secret of joy in work is contained in one word – Excellence. Here you can feel your excellence if you believe your ideas.
Hi every one this is Sundaresh. K, the Chief Technical Executive of our Company. I have made this enterprise as my life time dream. Starting as a small company with our hard work, love and dedication over this company made us growth along with this company. We branch ourselves over several part of this country which gives our service at anywhere and any place. Our name and service fly in the sky for everlasting.
Hai Friends…!! I'm Prakash pandian working as a Software Programmer, at the age of 23 I took my first step into the Company I was realized my dreams are come true, I have been responsible for all the things.  Besides that I always come up with new ideas for our software Development.   My thought: “Failure is the First step of Success”.ноутбуки купить онлайнapartments in saleиз африки смотреть онлайнNokian Nordman 5binary options social tradingtrader psychology pdfденьги в долг 1000000 рублейкредит доверия теле2кредитная карта икеа фэмилихочу оформить кредитную карту кукурузакупить новый ноутбук в украиныне
Elysium provides me a platform to make mistakes that are my portals of discovery. I come up with creative idea from the experience that I have got in elysium. Hope that my contributions to Elysium paves the pathway to reach its target – D.Praveena…..OptionFairсумка для косметикиOK Options reviewРасходные материалыпродвижение сайтачугунная сковорода с покрытиембанк хоум кредит телефоныкредит 150000 рублейкредиты от 20 летвзять кредит 150000офстальмолог харьковов
Hi everyone this is Udhaya Shankar. My position is Java Programmer. Before coming here I dint analyze my ability but after coming here my abilities have been analyzed thoroughly and I got my expected recognition for my hard work. Beyond that we are acting as a family which nothing make partitions among us..крышка для кастрюлисколько стоит подняться на эверестtop best binary brokersbank de binary erfahrungenprimetime financeфетиш в сексекредит мфокредит и его видыкредит toyotaкредит на кукурузуноутбуки в рассрочку
Hello I am M.ShreeVidhya. My designation is am a Programmer in this company, besides that it gives pleasure to say that I am one among the Elysium family. Very Recently I started my carrier in this company. Every day I am having regular top-ups for my knowledge, which is being a ladder for my bright carrier. Most of all I will devote myself for my company and work for its remarkable achievement, whose successful growth will touch beyond the sky.

Hello everyone, this is alagu...

Currently working as a java programmer for Archers Team. I have learned a lot, and improved my behavioral, programming language and communication skill also. Here employees have freedom to do anything which help to grow themselves and the organization. I got to learn many things on how to write efficient programs. Elysium provides good infrastructure, challenging work with latest technologies (which gives job satisfaction). I am thankful to the management for extending this opportunity. This was really a great way appreciating hard work that developers put in. Such creative initiatives have always been part of Elysium culture.

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"Management is nothing more than motivating other people." Elysium has a structured management that motivates me all the time to discover my abilities….. – J.Ishwarya

march, 2021

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