Data Leaks

Our Approach

Data leakage prevention solutions can assist to safeguard your most critical information assets. From enterprise plans and intellectual resources to customer data and especially identifiable data, much of your most sensitive data can simply leak via email. Sometimes it’s an accident – an employee begins the opposite recipient name when sending an email. Sometimes it’s malicious – an insider informs a file or steals sensitive information by emailing it to someone outside the company. At the same time, data loss prevention technology can help to stop leaks by checking email from leaving the organization.

Securing data in motion

In fact, this technology installed at the networking edge can examine traffic to discover sensitive data sent in violation of protection policies.

Securing endpoints

Important to realize, the endpoint-based agents can control information change between users, groups of users, and also external parties.

Securing data at rest

The securing data at rest access control, encryption and data retention policies can protect archived organizational data.

Securing data in use

Some of the DLP systems can monitor and flag unapproved activities that users may intentionally or unintentionally perform.

Data identification

It is important to discover if data needs to be protected or not. In order to, the data can be defined as sensitive either done manually by implementing rules and metadata, or else automatically.

Data leak detection

On the positive side, the Data Leak detection solutions and other security systems like IDS, IPS, and SIEM, identify data transfers that are anomalous or suspicious. These solutions also alert security staff of a possible data leak.

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