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Elysium Technology is a Top Rated Data Science Consulting Company offering Data Science Services leveraging Artificial Intelligence and also Machine Learning technologies to develop higher value technical solutions to Data science for consulting customers worldwide. We implement end-to-end Big Data solutions with Data Science Consulting Technologies such as machine learning, Artificial Intelligence and Deep learning seamlessly baked into it. We offer result-oriented Data Science Consulting Services using the latest tools and technologies to identify and solve your most complex data science challenges strategically. 

Our Data science consultants use present and historical data to build popular data science solutions-predictive modeling that identifies trends and data science patterns and uses those insights to predict future outcomes. In addition, they can use logistic regression, time series analysis, and decision trees to build unsupervised models. Besides leveraging recent machine learning, neural networks, and standard algorithms, they can build supervised predictive models whether you want domain-specific or industry-specific predictive models.

Big Data Integration Services

With Elysium Technology’s big data integration services, organizations have a real-time view and full access to their data center. Important to realize, big data integration services help companies incorporate multiple data sources. Especially, mailing lists, management data, metrics, social media information and so on. Such integration is seeming on or off premise.

Data Management Services

In fact, successful data management services boost businesses’ productivity which its helping them make headway in effectively administering, operating. Both structured and unstructured data management platforms. At Elysium technology, we prefer using popular and well-tried data management platforms such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and Hadoop.

Big Data Infrastructure Services

Elysium Technology offers well-architected, scalable and opens large data infrastructure solutions. We ensure that the clients’ information is always stored in the best place and easily available within the right timing. Big data infrastructure services by Elysium technology bring developed profitability, assure rational utilization of corporate IT infrastructure along with a greater degree of employee collaboration, and an improved customer experience.

Data Platforms Optimization Services

While many organizations today rely on several data science Consulting platforms, they often lack the resources to optimize their spending. Elysium Technology's big data solutions developers and experts assist in optimizing our client’s workloads on Oracle, Hadoop and Microsoft SQL servers. With our experts' help, Elysium technology’s clients receive maximum performance and scalability based on their workload and other needs.

Prescriptive Data Science Consulting

If businesses want to optimize decisions, particularly business-critical ones, they should consider prescriptive data solutions, including prescriptive analytics services. Customers trust us with decisions regarding the configuration, plan or design of their business systems based analytics services. This is the best way to evaluate business goals.

Predictive Analytics

Getting our clients leaders in their niche by understanding the data patterns and predicting future trends, is what we are doing at Elysium Technology in terms of predictive analytics services. Using our managed services, companies can extrapolate patterns, both the ones that have already happened and those that are yet to happen.

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Elysium Technologies was able to bring state-of-the-art computer vision and AI to bear on a challenge our organization has faced for over 100 years. Since our initial deployment, as new challenges and opportunities have arisen, Elysium Technologies has remained a valued collaborative partner.

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