Patients can easily identify their prescription pills by snapping a photo with their Phone’s built-in camera. With auto capture, the app will take pictures of your pill until a result is found. It helps people to take medicine on time. Easy exporting of all your prescription data ease. To provide appropriate healthcare and to avoid medication errors for old peoples. Save pills to refer them easily.

Our product reduces the stress for every aspect of people (working employee, family members).now a days every person as smartphones, so anybody can access our product using smartphones. It is used by scanning the phone camera on tablet cover. Then it will detect the tablet cover and show signal red or green light .it indicates events means the product is available in our application and can be accessible.It can also show the calendar while detecting the tablet cover whether the person as completed is daily task.


To provide the best medical guidance innovation for the people around the world with respect for their diversity.


Our goal is to support patients via smart phones to deliver accurate, high-quality data about pill information.


Precise Pill- It helps medical caretakers or clients to determine the pill amount and timing to take pills, and the service times for every day


The product can be accessed by everyone especially old-age people. If more people encounter similar problems recommendations.


The application is performing and functioning consistently in each environmental condition as well as in a specified period.


Our application will be speed, responsiveness, stability of device under workload. High productive for the user. Any error it can be clear immediately.


Capability of total system design to support operations and readiness needs throughout the life-cycle of a system at an affordable cost.

What Problems This Product Solves

Our product reduces the time zone, cost- can be accessed everywhere in this world .It is broadcast communication. It is user friendly nature. It solve memory-loss problems by using pill remainder for those who need remainders to take meds, fertility-drugs, birth control and other medicine.

Who Will Use The Product

Almost every age person can use this product by knowing the simple steps involved in our application. It is mainly for old-age person (50% people not taking medicine as prescribed because they don’t have knowledge, memory-loss and can’t able to walk).This application also help those person who are all never used the prescriptions in the pharmacy.

Who’s Its Important

The person who don’t know the knowledge about the medicine and also for the knowledgeable person in the world. Every person wants to have smartphones to access our product. In small portable device that allow communication and information processing even at the patient besides.
Medicine-safe is perfect for those in-charge of their own need schedule but need a remainder for dosage and the correct med to take.